Labour Charges for fitting parts supplied by Pedals and Paddles

All prices exclude parts

Adult Cycle (18" wheel and over)£39.00
Child's / Single speed cycle£28.00
Major Service£90.00
Bike in Box Build£50.00
Frame / Forks
Frame Change£100.00
Strip and fit new headset / Fit new forks£15.00 / £25.00
Facing BB & fit£25.00
True Wheel (Wheel only)£12.00
True Wheel (Remove from bike)£15.00
Re-build wheel (plus cost of spokes)£25.00
Fit new tyre / tube£9.00
Fit tyre / tube in hub geared bike£12.00
Strip and check front / rear hub£15.00
Spoke Replacement Front/Rear£15.00
Chainset / Bottom Bracket
Fit chainset£20.00
Fit left hand crank£6.00
Strip / replace bottom bracket assembly£25.00
Remove freewheel (wheel only)£6.00
Adjust 3 speed gears£12.00
Gear tune£15.00
Fit new block and chain£25.00
Fit new chain (single speed)£8.00
Fit chain ring BMX£15.00
Adjust brakes£8.00 (per brake)
Fit new cable / blocks£8.00 (per brake)
Fit new Rotor£6.00
Fitting & Bleed (Hydraulic)£20.00
Fit new straight bars / stem£12.00
Fit new drop bars / stem (including re-tape)£26.00
Re-tape bars£10.00
Fit Rd Sti's (including re-tape)£40.00
Bike Boxing
Packing & Preparing (not including postage)£39.50
Unpacking and Set up£39.50