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Race Oil
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Professional, high quality lubricant for bike application. Contains synthetic additives to obtain a reduction of friction, a smoother gear shift, w reduction of war and a longer lubrication=time. For use in all weather conditions. Application Use Race Oil Road to lubricate the chain, gear and other moving parts. The lubricant penetrates immediately and does not flow from the chain when applied. Best used after having cleaned the chain and gears with Morgan Blue chain Cleaner. Apply 1 hour before use for best results (this gives the solvent time to vaporise). Shake well before use. Properties and advantages Resits high pressure Efficient for a long period Extremely low friction Penetrates fast in the chain Excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces, does not drain/drip from the chain Resists high speed sling-off Repels dirt Consistent lubrication properties in cold and hot conditions Prevents wear off and extends life of lubricated parts

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